About Us

I’m a certified personal trainer specializing in toning, weight loss and building strength for a healthier lifestyle. I have worked as personal trainer for more than 8 years and as a certified fitness instructor for 10 years.

I love my job because it is my passion, I love when I see people changing their lives, changing their bodies, changing lifestyle, having different attitude toward life, and because of that they could be examples for others. I like least about excuses and no committed person.

Luis Guzman Boxing with Sand Bag

Luis Guzman Boxing

We have weekly trampoline and kickboxing classes, (Tuesday) and Latin dance on (Saturday) and also lifting weight 3 times a weeks.

Luis Guzman is a shining example of how a healthy diet and regular exercise can keep you fit at any ages. Darvis Simms, March 22, 2013

For anybody who wants to stay in-shape lifting weight, have a good cardio condition, eating healthy way and enjoy everything you do as most with quality more than quantities.

One of my biggest dreams and goals is to have my own fitness TV program, so I can show people why they need to workout and how. One of my biggest accomplishment have been to come to the United States of America and in less than 3 years become the best instructor and personal trainer in 2 years in a row at some places where I used to work and now running my own business.


I’ve always considered fitness as a tool to become a better version of ourselves. If you have the discipline to exercise regularly and eat healthy, you can apply it to any of your goals in life. It’s great to look back on the journey to see how far you have come.