Luis Guzman Kickboxing

Luis is the one of the best personal trainer I’ve ever had, he gives you more than just years of weight lifting know-how and experience, but provides you with a well-rounded wellness plan that fits your lifestyle. Stay with him long enough and you will be kick-boxing, salsa dancing, running races and more! Get your life with LG Fitness! Charles W.


I remember when I first trained with Luis I couldn’t do nothing, no strength, no stamina and little confidence. He saw more in me and he believed in me. I am stronger, I have more stamina and I refuse to give up besides he won’t allow it. He is a trainer that genuinely cares and he pushes you pass your no and towards your goal. He’s truly been a…


Luis, thank you so much for being such an AMAZING trainer. Luis not only motivates me to keep working harder but is there with me, constantly challenging me, every step of the way! His classes are so fun, I am always looking forward to the next one. Luis truly works hard in the best interest of others and his high energy is truly contagious. Looking for a new trainer…


Boxing Training with Luis

Luis is an Outstanding Instructor. In your training you have fun at the same time you have challenges, they are very energetic and irresistible. He pushes you to break the limits that give the maximum, always going to get the best result by training with him. A fitness instructor to make your dream come true. I am Blessed by having in my life a brother of the Soul as…


Trampoline Classes at LG-Fitness

The contagious passion and effort that Luis projects are incredible. Keep on doing the great job and don’t stop till it hurts, cause good things come just after the pain. F. Pierre


Luis is a FANTASTIC instructor in so many ways. His workouts are fun, challenging, energetic, and irresistible. He pushes you to the max, so you are always going to get the best workout with him. He is a dream fitness instructor, and I’m blessed to have found him. Jennifer