Interview to Luis Guzman

Another Over 40 Inspiration, Luis Guzman

By Darvis Simms at Friday, March 22, 2013

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing another over the age of 40 inspiration, Luis Guzman. Luis is a shining example of how a healthy diet and regular exercise can keep you fit over 40.


Where were you born and where did you grow-up?

 I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and I grew up in a little town (San Isidro). 


Who has been the greatest influence in your life and why? 

My father, because my father was an air force soldier when I was a child and he always took me to all the activities they used to have like, jumping from airplane, running troops, military routines and wear an uniform, I learned a lot of discipline and dedication and love for what you’re doing.


What is your profession? 

I used to work as aviation information service (AIS) at the airport in my country (D.R), but here in United States, where I live right now since 2008, I work as a PERSONAL TRAINER.


How long have you worked as a personal trainer? 

I have worked as personal trainer for more than 6 years and as a fitness instructor for 8 years (as of 2013).


What do you like most about your profession? 

I love my job because it is my passion, I love when I see people changing their lives, changing their bodies, changing lifestyle, having different attitude toward life, and because of that reason they could be examples for others


What do you like least about your profession? 

Excuses and no commitment person. 


How old are you? 

I’m in the best 44 years old of my life


How do you stay in such good shape in your 40s? 

I’m a fitness instructor, teaching kickboxing classes once a week, (Tuesday) and Latin dance on (Saturday) and also lifting weight 3 times a weeks.


What advice would you give someone about staying in-shape in their 40s? 

For anybody who wants to stay in-shape in their 40s, which is one of the best ages for weight lifting, have a good cardio condition and eating in a healthy way and enjoy everything they doing as the most with quality more than quantities.


What’s your biggest dream? 

Besides to have my own fitness TV program, so I can show people why they need to work and how, also have a change to train the first lady (Michelle Obama).


What’s your biggest accomplishment? 

Come to united states and in less than 3 years become the best instructor and personal trainer 2 years in a row at some place where I use to work before and now having my own business.