LG Fitness Stretching

Stretch Exercises

Remember to always do your stretches!

For the those of you who wants to know how many times you should stretch, I recommend after every workout and whenever you feel you need it. I also dedicate one 30 minute session per week to ONLY stretching,

Ask me how and book your session today! 

Personal Training Services

Don't exercise on your own!

I you need a professional to guide you through the process of losing weight, stay shape, eat healthy, just come with us. I will emphasize on areas that needs more workout and dedication. 

Personal Training Services
Trampoline Classess

Trampoline Classes

When you are a child you think of trampoline as something magical, there's no difference in this classes, trampoline are just fun and you may think you are a child again.

Come and let's have fun. 

Bootcamp Instructor

Results speak by themselves!

At LG-FITNESS, these short duration training exercises makes the participant a prolonged afterburn at high intensity interval. It takes longer for the body to stay at rest state, so calories are burn more than 4 times after finishing the workout.

See us in action!


Bootcamp Instructor

Cardio Kickboxing Classes

Would you like to feel like you are exercising in a ring versus Muhammed Ali or Mano de Piedra Duran?

Come on and join this particular class... but remember, you can kick too. Luis Guzman will guide you through punches, jabs, low kicks, high kicks, jumping around and do whatever in order get you in shape.

Salsa_class_Dance - LG Fitness Luis Guzman

Latin dance classes

In Latin dance classes we introduce you into the dancing steps of bachata, the Dominican Merengue and Salsa, from the basic movements to the most advanced. We'll show you how to follow the rhythm starting from zero to become a professional of the dance flor. You will no longer have to sit at the table when that music starts and everyone is dancing.

Step Classes - LG Fitness Luis Guzman

Aerobic Step Classes

This is one of my clients' favorite exercises, through this aerobic exercise we take maximum disintegration of fat and burn calories like no other exercise does.

It is an exercise performed on a platform to the beat of the music while we raise one end and the other remains at ground level. This exercise can be done in open or closed places, as the expert considers.

Like other exercises, Aerobics Steps help burn calories and fats. The amount of calories burned depends on the speed of movement, height of the steps, how long the exercise is taken, and the height and weight of the person.

Salsa Classes - One and One - LG Fitness - Luis Guzman

Salsa One-And-One Classes

Do you think that dancing in a group would take longer to learn, do you think you cannot handle that foreign movement in order to master the Latin dance? I'd give you personalized classes of Latin Salsa music. I will provide the effort and give you the confidence to succeed anywhere you go.

Endurance_Training_Luis Guzman_LG Fitness

Endurance training

The endurance training focus on respiratory and muscular endurance with added cardiovascular improvement when performing any aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Endurance training is not only biking, running and swimming, it compromises much more than those sports.

The need for endurance in sports is often predicated as the need of cardiovascular and simple muscular endurance, but the issue of endurance is far more complex. Endurance can be divided into two categories including: general endurance and specific endurance. It can be shown that endurance in sport is closely tied to the execution of skill and technique. A well conditioned athlete can be defined as, the athlete who executes his or her technique consistently and effectively with the least effort. Source: