Beth Soto

Hard work always pays off. At first, it might seem impossible to achieve your goals. But then you commit to the process and you start getting better every single day. You can run one more mile, you can do two more reps. You probably feel like you’re not progressing because you want it now! But you’re building a newer, better version of you. You’re building a strong mindset and your body slowly starts to adapt. You’re on the right track.

If you’re willing to do the work, you can have anything! Beth Soto was 100% committed to the process, in which it led Beth to build a strong mindset: Discipline. Don’t let anything stand between you and your goals.

See for yourself this successful story:

LG Fitness Train With Luis Guzman

As a young person, I watched my brother and father excel in sports and my friends become better dancers and wished to do the same. I assumed they were athletic because of raw talent, not because of effort and consistency. I was a bit “thick” my whole life and I wasn’t bothered by it; I just figured I was meant to be curvy. It wasn’t until I met Luis and started training at LG Fitness that I learned exercise and fitness is like any other goal in life; you get out what you put in to it. If you work hard and put in consistent effort, your body will work with you.

I found LG Fitness through a local cable show. Luis was doing a presentation on the benefits of fitness and as I watched, he and some of his clients dance to salsa I decided to contact him on the spur of the moment. I had always enjoyed dancing and going out to clubs with my husband but after becoming a mother, I hadn’t danced socially. At the time, I was fitting in my clothing, but some of my dresses were a little tight and I decided I should lose 5 lbs. Losing some weight through dancing sounded fun and I set up an fitness evaluation with Luis for the next week.

My first work out with Luis was intense but also fun because of his positive and energetic personality. It also showed me how out of shape I’d become.  Though I was clearly struggling, Luis was encouraging and kind. “Don’t worry, you’ll get better,” he told me. He asked me to commit to working out consistently and eating healthfully for several months and promised if I did as directed, I would see results.  I doubted myself in the beginning. At the time, I was juggling a lot of different responsibilities with being a mother to two young children, one who had a multiple medical appointments each week, working two part time hospital jobs and maintaining my household. I wasn’t sure I could fit exercise into my life but Luis was flexible and worked with my schedule.

Training with Luis is a both hard and fun. Once I saw myself getting stronger and completing a minute of an exercise when in the past, I quit after 20 seconds or needed several rest breaks, my motivation increased. Luis never lost patience even when he was showing me the same exercise multiple times. I looked forward to the workouts and I was seeing results. With his guidance, I was also following a healthy diet and losing weight through consistently eating healthy food rather than the crash dieting and meal skipping I would have done in the past. The 5 lbs that I told him I wanted to lose came off within a few weeks, my energy increased and my stress level decreased significantly. The panic attacks I’d started to have regularly diminished once I began to treat my body better. Life felt more balanced. With encouragement from Luis, I started to believe I could continue to get better and I began to truly enjoy fitness activities.  Luis is a goal directed trainer. We would set a goal for me to achieve like running a 5K and the training would be focused on reaching it with evaluation points along the way. For me, this was a great way to maintain focus and accountability. I wasn’t exercising just to lose weight; I was training to run in a race. Luis also assigned me reasonable “homework” that I could do between sessions to get better and taught me exercises at the gym I could do on my own. He taught me that I could dance without having a rum and coke first and that I could develop rhythm by learning to count music.  When I started taking group dance and fitness classes, I laughed a lot at myself because I was a really bad. Luis encouraged me to continue and not to care if I was the worst in the class. There were times he would have to show me the same move 20 times but I got better and as long as I tried, he didn’t mind repeating.

The most aggressive goal I’ve had so far is to compete in a fitness competition.  At age 37, I didn’t know how successful I would be starting out in fitness competitions and the idea of performing alone onstage was scary but I wanted to try. When I told Luis I wanted to work toward it, right away he began to develop a plan for me to achieve it and, as in the beginning, he reminded me that it was possible if I put in the work. Luis helped me change my diet so I could build more muscle in a safe way. He taught me how to lift heavy in between our sessions on my own. He researched what else I would need to learn to compete and be successful and made sure I was working toward all of it.  He pushed me when I needed it and gave me reality checks if I ever slipped. The day of the competition my family, friends, Luis and my LG Fitness friends were there to support me. Hearing my young daughter cheer for me, yelling, “That’s my mommy!” when I was onstage was one of the best moments of my life.  I won my division and came home with two trophies and an axe.

I share all of this with anyone reading to provide encouragement. Through training at LG Fitness, I’m physically stronger which is wonderful. I can wear any dress or swimsuit that I like, also great. Most importantly, I’m now mentally strong, goal oriented and confident. My children see me as strong; they also see that it takes hard work but that big goals can be achieved. If I can achieve in fitness, I truly believe it’s possible for anyone. There is no better trainer than Luis. If you put in the work and follow his guidance, he will put 150% of his own effort into helping you achieve whatever goal you have. Believe in yourself enough to try and you will be happy that you did it.